As the title of this blog states, I’ve promised to share the latest items from my active desk with the readers of my blog. So this week, this open letter is the most pertinent thing crossing my desk, so here it is:


Dear Patrons, Supporters, Volunteers, Media and Friends,

By this point, it is likely that you have all heard of the pending foreclosure on the Vandivort Center. This is a situation of which we at Springfield Contemporary Theatre have been aware for the past ten days and have been waiting further developments.

We want to assure you all that this is an issue between our building owner; ABG, LLC; and the bank that holds the note on the building. Like many others, we at the Vandivort Center Theatre are tenants of the building. Ultimately, what this means for us is that we might be getting a new landlord in the immediate future. Likely, this change will only effect behind-the-scenes building issues that impact Executive Producer Lou Schaeffer and myself on a daily or weekly basis and will have no bearing whatsoever on the public presence of the organization. In our sixteen years, the building has changed hands before with no impact on our patrons.

We appreciate all the support and kind words that have been pouring in since the reported and in some cases misreported news of this foreclosure. It is honestly a testament to the presence and reputation the Vandivort Center Theatre has brought to the Vandivort Center property that we are often viewed as one and the same entity. We are anxiously waiting with our fellow tenants to see how this issue will be resolved.

In the mean time, we continue to focus on our mission of bringing the best in contemporary theatre to downtown Springfield and serving the community that has shown its support over the past sixteen years. There is a reason we are the largest and oldest tenants of the Vandivort Center and that is because of all of you.

This current situation reminds us of the harsh economic climate we are all facing. We have maintained a strong professional relationship with AGB, LLC in their time owning and managing our building and our encouragement goes out them in this tough time. As we are spending our season restructuring and building our own organization for the future, we continue to remind our patrons and friends the most important thing you can do is attend and support local arts organizations. The richness and diversity of our community thrives on the vibrant and active arts community we are all working to build.


Richard Dines
Managing Artistic Director
Springfield Contemporary Theatre at the Vandivort Center