Springfield Contemporary Theatre was formed to find, create and share works that have been created since the middle of the twentieth century. An emphasis will be given to those works produced in the last 25 years. To produce works of any period that can be re-energized through a contemporary view and through an intimate staging. To search for works that are engaged directly with the social and political issues of the day. To search for works that reflect a wide cultural, ethnic and economic diversity. To search for works that other producing organizations in town may shy away from. To cooperate with local playwrights by helping to bring their works to a presentation realization. To encourage the growth of professional theatre through the engagement of Actors’ Equity Association member actors and the guest residency of professional artists. To produce works in an intimate or chamber venue to bring about more direct engagement with the audiences.

Executive Producer: Louis H. Schaeffer
Managing Artistic Director: Richard P. Dines
Resident Directors: Dr. Robert H. Bradley, Richard Dines, Gary Lyons, Nathan Shelton and Gretchen Teague